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What To Do About Hair Loss

Posted March 8, 2015 by m0j0admin in Hair Loss

Hair loss can be very upsetting to people. It is seen as a sign of aging and loss of vitality. It is true that hair loss affects appearance, and can have social consequences, but some people react to it with more concern than others. Some people accept it as just a natural part of aging. Others look for measures, even extreme ones, to combat it and retain their youthful appearance. Whichever applies to you, you will find helpful information and guidance in this article.

When hair loss begins for you depends a lot on hereditary factors. Look at your parents and other family members, and you will have a pretty good idea of what to expect. If baldness runs in your family and it is important to you to fight it, there are a number of measures you can take. These include the simple, everyday measures of good health practices like nutrition, sleep and exercise. At the extreme, you may want to consider surgical remedies.

All hair loss may not be due to the aging process. Sometimes it is due to poor health, a period of extreme stress, or emotional loss following a death in the family or the loss of a job. When the cause of stress is relieved, hair usually begins to grow normally again.

Research into cures for hair loss continues. With the cracking of the genetic code, perhaps new remedies can be found to avert the hair loss that has plagued earlier generations.

If natural methods and over-the-counter remedies do not give the results you hoped for, consult your doctor about prescription medications. He may write you a prescription for either finasteride or minoxidil. Give one of these a try. They should give some relief from continuing hair loss, but cannot prevent it entirely.

If the contribution of a fuller head of hair to your appearance is of great importance to you, you may want to consider surgical measures. There are doctors and clinics that specialize in hair transplants. Check out their references carefully, then see what they have to offer. Hair transplanting takes place over a period of time. It uses your own hair, but moves it from a place where it is thicker (usually the back of the head) to a place where it is thinnest (usually the top of the head). It can be effective in giving you a youthful appearance due to a fuller head of hair.

There are two methods of hair transplant. In one called Follicular Unit Extraction, single follicles are taken out and transplanted. This technique may take longer, but needs less stitching of the scalp than the other method.
FUT removes a patch of hair from one place to another. It needs more stitching and causes more scarring than the FUE technique.

An industry has grown up around hair loss prevention, with many products on the market. It is up to the individual how far they want to pursue fighting hair loss, or whether they can make their peace with it.

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