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Useful Hair Care Tips To Fight Hair Loss

Posted February 26, 2015 by m0j0admin in Hair Loss

If you have started losing your hair, you should know that it is important to take action right away to slow down this process. Go over this article for some useful advice.

You can slow down your hair loss by eliminating the factors that are causing you to lose your hair. Aging is often mentioned as a cause of hair loss, but aging only makes your scalp more sensitive to certain factors. Stress, fatigue, an unhealthy diet, constant friction on your scalp or exposure to tobacco, alcohol and caffeine could cause you to lose your hair.

Stress and fatigue are common causes for hair loss. You need to take the time to sleep and relax. Make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep each night and take naps if necessary. Spend at least an hour each day relaxing and doing things you love. Avoid stressful situations and consider going to counseling if you want to learn efficient stress management techniques. It is important you take action before stress and fatigue cause you to develop more serious health problems.

You will need a lot of vitamins to keep a head full of hair. Avoid unhealthy foods and introduce more fruits, vegetables and lean meats into your diet. Make sure you get plenty of proteins without the fat red meat usually contains by eating eggs, poultry, fish, beans and nuts. You might need to take a multi-vitamin supplement if a healthy diet is not enough.

Change your hair care regimen. Avoid using gels and mousses or any hair care product that contains harsh chemicals. Wash your hair regularly with a shampoo designed to slow down hair loss or strengthen your hair. You should also use conditioner, even if you keep your hair short. Using conditioner will make combing your hair a lot easier and will strengthen your hair. You can also a hair mask once a week or shampoo your hair with a raw egg or some vinegar. Make sure you always rinse your hair thoroughly and blow dry it instead of using a towel.

Massage your scalp on a daily basis. You should use the tip of your fingers and massage your scalp until it feels tingly. There are special massaging tools you can use for this purpose. Massaging your scalp helps, but friction is not good; avoid wearing a hat or a hair-piece unless you absolutely want to cover your hair loss. If you really want to get some hair back on your head, you should consider having some hair implanted. This is a costly surgical procedure but it is the only way to get some hair back once the hair loss process starts.

Use these tips and do more research on hair loss and on how to reduce exposure to the factors that are contributing to your problem. Do not let your hair loss ruin your self-esteem; find a new look that helps you conceal your hair loss, for instance by cutting your hair very short.

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