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The Truth About Old Wives Tales For The Beauty Conscious

Posted February 6, 2015 by m0j0admin in Beauty Tips

The Truth About Old Wives Tales For The Beauty Conscious

Everyone wishes to look as good as they can look however there are several myths or old wives tales out there that simply do not work or cause more harm than good. This article will address some of the most well known and hopefully guide you on the path towards real solutions instead of causing more issues or simply wasting time. While there are some natural home remedies you can do to improve your appearance, these simply are no those. You all have heard of many of these so continue reading to learn more.

The old brush your hair with one hundred thorough strokes will lead to perfect hair is a complete myth. When you have thick hair that is easily tangled, you will need to brush it completely to remove dead hair and keep it tangle free but that isn’t 100 strokes. Where this myth leads to issues is when you have fine hair. That many strokes could not only damage hair but pull hair out that was still healthy. Simply brush your hair enough to manage it and no more. Too much brushing is simply dangerous for those with fine hair and those with thicker hair, it’s not going to make it easier to control.

Sitting does not cause varicose veins unless the vein valves are already damaged. This means that sitting is not the culprit. Varicose veins are hereditary in half of the people who have them or they were born with week ports or valves. The other half are generally due to hormonal issues from birth control medications, pregnancy, obesity or simple lack of movement, again not necessarily sitting. We often notice these things and jump to conclusions as to the cause. The fact is that sitting does not damage the vein, there is an underlying issue and they were going to appear at some point and since we sit quite a lot during the day, a myth was born.

Shaving does not make the hair grow back darker or thicker. Age would be the reason for that through the natural changes in the body from being a child to that of an adult. Shaving cuts the ends of the hair in a way that it is no longer pointed and sharp at the end. It is now blunt or flat on the end and as it grows through the skin, the larger tip area appears to be thicker and darker. Take a needle and snap it in half. Look at the pointy end and then the broken end. The same appearance applies here making this myth false.

Trimming your hair does not help it grow faster. When you trim your hair it is simply easier to notice the growth than when it is longer and bends and waves in different ways. It’s great for maintaining a healthy head of hair via removing the split ends but the benefits end there.

There are still people who believe that tanning is good for your skin and again, this is only good for self esteem on those who prefer darker skin. Tanning under natural light and tanning bulbs is dangerous on all levels. It robs the bodies of nutrients and oils as well as drying out the skin. Let’s not forget skin cancer if the other results don’t scare you enough.

These are the biggest myths associated with beauty and the ones that can cause the most harm. There is nothing wrong with using natural products to improve you appearance but be aware of the myths as they can simply cause more problems long term than ignoring your appearance altogether.

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