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Steps To Prevent Or Reduce Hair Loss

Posted December 12, 2014 by m0j0admin in Hair Loss

Hair loss is something that affects billions of people worldwide and unknown to many is that you can take steps to prevent or reduce the amount you lose. We often lose our hair for several reasons outside of age or genetics. These reasons can be our diet, habits, shampoos and conditioners, hats being worn most of the day, pony tails that are too tight and kept in most of the day and simply our grooming habits like combing or brushing too little. This article will offer some suggestions that will help in reducing hair loss or even preventing it in some cases.

You should trim or cut your hair regularly as in every three weeks or so if at all possible. Split ends occur rather quickly for numerous reasons and lead to damaged hair as they can prevent proper healthy growth. If you do not want to get a full blown hair cut that soon, you need to at least clean up the bottom and remove and split or dead ends. It simply is in your best interest to keep at least the ends of your hair freshly trimmed as it is a big reason we often lose hair

Hairstyle isn’t as important in achieving healthy hair. It is more about grooming your hair regularly. Combing and brushing your hair regularly will do wonders for it. The problem with hairstyles boils down to whether or not you need product to keep it styled. If you need to load it down with hairspray or mousse, you are damaging your hair and the hair style isn’t helping you. If it is manageable and can maintain it’s shape with simple grooming then go for it as it never hurts to look your best as long as you aren’t loading it up with chemicals that keep it from breathing and strip it of nutrients.

Foods and your diet can make or break a good head of hair. Most people don’t understand that the foods we eat supply nutrients to our hair as well as the bad stuff in them. Nuts, preferably walnuts are a great little snack that will do wonders for your hair via the natural oils and nutrients they contain. Another item you should add to your diet is fish. Stay away from the breaded type and focus on baked as the fried food tends to defeat the purpose and doesn’t benefit you when it comes to the vitamins fish contain.

Shampoo and conditioners are the biggest issue with hair loss today. We all want hair that smells great but tend to forget the alcohol content in perfumes and fragrances as well as the chemicals that are loaded in these cleaners. stick with all natural shampoos and conditioners. You do not have to buy expensive brands either as many low priced brands are all natural and do a fantastic job cleaning and not damaging your hair.

Hair loss affects everyone at some point and as you can see their are things you can do to help prevent it. Understand the reasons we tend to suffer from hair loss and look at your lifestyle. There are changes you can make that won’t cost any money and your hair will be full and brilliant in no time at all.

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