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Making Your Eyes Look Beautiful With Some Help From Makeup

Posted October 6, 2014 by m0j0admin in Beauty Tips

Making Your Eyes Look Beautiful With Some Help From Makeup

The eyes are so very sexy. They can be dramatic, emotion filled and give a person a glimpse inside your soul. If you really want eyes that say “wow”, enhance them with the help of some makeup. Here is some great advice that can help.

Consider your skin tone when you consider your eye shadow shades. There are a huge variety of eye shadow colors on the market, but not everyone is right for every person. People with very fair skin often look great in pastels, such as pinks and purples. People with darker skin can benefit from using smokey colors or darker shades of plums and blues. Spend some time at the makeup counter to find the shades that work for your skin home before trying your products at home. This is a great way to achieve a really dramatic look that is also easy to wear every day.

Another thing to consider when picking your shades is your eye color. Brown eyes lend well to blue shadow and blue eyes look fantastic when wearing pinks, golds or oranges. If you have green eyes, consider pinks, purples or oranges. Pairing these color suggestions with your skin tone suggestions can help you to achieve a look that really compliments your eyes and makes them stand out in a crowd.

Purchase high quality makeups. When following this tip, it does not mean you have to purchase expensive brands. There are plenty of great, high quality brands to be found in your local drug store too! Look for makeup that is not cracking in the pots, indicating it might be old or out of date. Also consider buying products with more natural ingredients that will not irritate your eyes or skin. Once you find a brand you love, stick to it and learn how to use it well!

In addition to finding high quality brands, consider different application methods and give them a try to achieve different looks. You can use a lot of things to apply a shadow, including your fingers, a makeup brush or a q-tip. Give each of these application methods a try to see how it applies the makeup and which look you prefer. While your finger might be best for a bolder look, a brush might give you a more natural appearance. Do not be afraid to experiment with your shadows, and look online for a few tutorials too. By learning the application methods that work for you, it will be easy to achieve the look you want.

There are a million different ways to apply your eye makeup and define your eyes. Give a few of the suggestions listed above to find a look that works well for you and helps you to feel fantastic. Once you find that look, you are sure to turn heads and grab the attention of any room when you walk through the door. Have fun with your makeup and enjoy your new look!

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