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Practical Advice to Help You Deal with Hair Loss

Posted September 16, 2014 by m0j0admin in Hair Loss

Even though you may have taken your hair for granted for most of your life, it can still be very stressful and very hurtful to start losing your hair. You may not have realized it, but your hair has always been a part of your identity; to lose your hair is to literally lose a part of yourself. Some people get so depressed that they need therapy and medication to help them cope with hair loss. Don’t let things get that bad for you; use the advice below to help you deal with it.

It might be a lot easier said than done, but keeping a healthy, positive attitude is important when dealing with hair loss. You don’t necessarily need to learn to instantly love a bald or balding head. Instead, you should remain positive in your attempts to stop or reverse the hair loss. If you’re resigned now to just give up and walk away, you’re never going to make any strides in the regrowth process.

At the end of the day, you might just have to admit to yourself that some people look a lot better with a bald head. Look at the hit TV show Breaking Bad; nobody liked Walter, the lead character, until he shaved his head. In some cultures, shaving off the hair is the norm. So being bald can actually be more of a fashion statement than you could have made with a full head of hair. It isn’t about convincing yourself; it’s about embracing the new look.

If walking around bald isn’t exactly your cup of tea, there are different options you can go with to give the appearance of a full head of hair. A wig, for example, is a great way to keep a full head of hair. Although the hair isn’t actually yours, some wigs are incredibly well made and no one will be able to tell the difference. The same goes for hair extensions, if you want to go the weave route. It’s real hair; it’s just not from your hair specifically.

Perhaps a wig isn’t for you either, and going bald is out of the question. Well, you could always attempt to regrow your hair using a wide assortment of products. A lot of the OTC products you’ll find contain minoxidil. This medicine will actually promote the growth of new hair. You can also find homeopathic remedies for hair loss, herbal treatments, and more. It’s definitely worth researching.

With a lot of ailments, impairments and imperfections, surgery should always be the last option. However, when speaking of hair transplant surgery, you’re typically dealing with a low-risk, high-reward procedure. The only catch is that it does cost thousands of dollars. But the end result could leave you with a full head of your own hair.

With surgery, a lot of medications, specific shampoos and other haircare products, and a lot of other methods, hair loss doesn’t have to be permanent. You might also find that being bald is a great look. The point is that you don’t have to let losing your hair stress you out. You have options!

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