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Old Wives Tale Hair Loss Tips To Take With a

Posted August 27, 2014 by m0j0admin in Hair Loss

Old Wives Tale Hair Loss Tips To Take With a Grain Of Salt

Because people have been losing their hair since time began, it is understandable that old wives tales about hair loss abound. Should you believe them? Read on to find out!

One old wives tale about hair that has been around for decades is the notion that cutting your hair often will make it strong. While this is true of hair that you shave (i.e. hair on your face, underarms or legs) it is not true of hair on your head. Your mane will neither grow faster nor stronger if you have it cut frequently; however, having your hair cut frequently will eliminate split ends which can break and give your hair a damaged appearance.

Another myth that many people believe is that you should not pluck out individual gray hairs because this will cause the number of gray hairs you have to double. Simple logic tells you this cannot be true! If plucking your hair would cause your hair to grow back more thickly, there would be no problem with hair loss! People who begin to lose their hair would simply pluck out hairs strategically to increase the regrowth of their hair!

Along these same lines is the notion that you can generate more hair follicles on your scalp. This isn’t true. We are born with the number of hair follicles we will have for life, and they cannot be increased except via hair transplants. Similarly, the quality of your hair (texture, thickness, amount of wave or curl) is genetic and can only be altered chemically.

People who participate in exercise activities that involve being inverted (e.g. yogic headstands) often say that the increased circulation to the scalp will improve hair growth. There seems to be quite a bit of anecdotal evidence to this; however, it has not been scientifically proven. Nonetheless, improving your circulation with headstands and other yogic postures is very good for you and should be encouraged even if it doesn’t promote hair growth!

Both men and women are often alarmed by an increase in the amount of hair found in the brush daily, but this is really no cause for alarm and should not be taken as an indication that baldness will soon follow. People shed at certain times of the year. Additionally, nutrition can account for hair loss. Be certain to eat a well balanced diet and avoid stress to prevent temporary hair loss.

Another popular notion is the idea that rough handling will cause hair loss. While rough handling such as brushing your hair while it’s wet, toweling it dry aggressively or using a very hot blow dryer, or wearing a hat that’s so tight it hurts would probably cause hair breakage, it doesn’t cause actual hair loss. Naturally, you should treat your hair gently so that it doesn’t dry out and break, but you won’t cause actual hair loss with rough treatment.

In the old days, people believed that hair loss was simply a fact of life and nothing could be done about it. In those days, this was probably true since hair loss is generally attributed to genetic factors. Happily, today modern science has created many treatments for both men and women that can successfully combat hair loss. Your best bet in caring for your hair and preventing hair loss is to take good care of yourself generally and consult with your physician if you are worried about losing your hair.

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