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Manage Your Stress and Manage Your Hair Loss

Posted August 1, 2014 by m0j0admin in Hair Loss

It is common knowledge that stress makes everything worse, and this goes for hair loss. No matter what your circumstances, if you are stressed out, you can almost count on your hair falling out. While this may be a temporary shedding condition and not permanent hair loss, it is still something you would probably prefer to avoid. In this articl,e we will talk about stress and hair loss and what you can do to hang onto the hair you have.

First and foremost, avoid drama. In modern society, conflicts at work and home have almost become the norm. Understand that stress is the result of the body going into the fight or flight syndrome. While this is very useful in situations of actual danger in which you need to defend yourself or flee, it is unnecessary in daily confrontations with employers, co-workers, family members, other drivers and the like. The increase in hormones caused by this state of affairs works overtime to make your hair fall out and also to produce such unwanted health conditions as cancer. Make a habit of choosing your battles. When confronted with a potentially stressful situation, use the old advice of stepping back, taking a deep breath and counting to ten before responding. You will find that most stressful situations fall into perspective and prove to be unworthy of your attention when you practice this technique. This alone will lower your stress level significantly.

No matter how you choose your battles, you will naturally encounter some stress during the day. Understand that stress causes your hair follicles to constrict and sometimes it causes your hair to stand on end. This is a condition that you want to address. A nice scalp massage can work wonders to both address the problem of constricted hair follicles directly and reduce your overall stress levels. If you are fortunate enough to have someone with whom you can exchange massages, be sure to partake of this luxury often. If not, massage your own scalp with a little fragrant oil before washing. Your will gain tremendous relaxation and aromatherapy benefits from this practice.

Getting light to moderate exercise every day, meditating and practicing relaxing disciplines such as yoga can help reduce stress and increase blood flow to the scalp. This all works together in a holistic way to provide a good environment for healthy hair growth. Remember that loss of hair is a sign of poor health. Conversely, the natural things you do to improve your hair will improve your health. When your body exhibits a healthy head of hair, you can be fairly sure it is also sporting a cancer free colon and a healthy heart and mind!

Take charge of your own hair growth program by practicing good stress control. Just a few weeks of stress reduction will greatly improve your life, your health and your sense of well-being. Not only that, following these natural, healthy hair growth tips will not only improve your overall health, you will also save money in doctor bills.

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