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How You Smell and Your Beauty Regimen

Posted July 19, 2014 by m0j0admin in Beauty Tips

Whether you prefer using less artificial scent or more artificial scent, making certain that you smell good is an important part of your beauty regimen. Use the suggestions below for avoiding common scent mistakes that could be negatively impacting your attractiveness.

Consider how many different scents you’re using to avoid clashing scents. Whether it’s a combination of hair product and cologne, deodorant and laundry detergent or lotions and powders, some scents produce negative smells when mixed.

In order to avoid creating clashes between scents, try to consider the strength of the scents you’re using and choosing which scent you want to be dominant while working to reduce other scents.

For instance, if you have a favorite perfume, you’ll likely want to reduce your use of scented soaps and body washes as well as laundry detergents and dryer sheets that can overpower the scent of your perfume.

If you work in a workplace or attend religious services or classes where perfumes and colognes are prohibited because of other people’s sensitivities to ingredients in these products, choose body lotions and hair products that have the scent you desire while complying with the no-perfume rule.

Avoid myths about smell such as believing you have no smell or believing that perfume can substitute for showering.

If you sweat a lot, make certain you use a deodorant that is scented or unscented in order to prevent yourself from exuding negative smells. Your diet will also influence the scent you exude so that you’ll have to pay attention to how much garlic or other “smell-producing” spices you use in your food.

If you’re taking a new medication, it might change the way your body smells or how your body reacts with an older favorite scent. Consider trying out new scents to see whether you prefer the smell they produce in combination with the changes brought on by medication.

Strongly limit your use of hair gel and other styling products if you work in an environment where you’re involved with food preparation and cooking because these products tend to absorb food smells.

Make sure your closets smell fresh so that clothing stored in your closets smells fresh.

If you have friends who get migraines, they’re likely fairly vocal about certain ingredients in scents that make their headaches worse. You don’t have to avoid wearing your scent in these instances but can purposely sit farther away from them when you get together and inform them that you don’t want to risk giving them a headache.

You should be complimented on your scent, periodically, by your spouse or significant other as evidence that he or she likes the way you smell. If you’re sensing that your spouse or significant other doesn’t like the way you smell, ask them.

Sense of smell frequently weakens as you age so that you’ll want to be careful about how much perfume or cologne you use to be sure you’re not putting on too much.

How you smell is an important part of your beauty regimen. Use the suggestions above to maximize the pleasantness of your smell in support of your overall beauty.

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