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Keeping Your Hair

Posted July 10, 2014 by m0j0admin in Hair Loss

As people get older, they tend to start losing their hair. It is most common for men to start losing it, but women can lose their hair too. Here are some ways to strengthen your hair and avoid weakening it, so you can keep more of the hair you already have.

Don’t stress out your hair. Be careful not to tangle your hair when you wash it, and use conditioner to help smooth out any tangles. Comb out your hair gently when it’s still damp; if it is too wet, it is slightly weaker, but if it is too dry, the tangles may have set. Conditioner will help the strands slip against each other, so that tangles are easier to resolve. Pulling forcefully against the strands of hair will make them weaker and weaker until they snap.

Make sure that you’re getting everything you need for healthy hair. You need protein and B vitamins, especially biotin, for shiny, strong and thick hair. If you can’t incorporate rich sources of biotin, like leafy green vegetables and corn, into your diet, then consider taking vitamins. There are lots of good sources of protein, particularly meat, but do not underestimate the protein content in rice and beans, corn, or lentils if you have trouble incorporating enough.

If you seem to be losing unusually large chunks of hair, or at an unusually fast rate, or in particular regions, you may wish to see a doctor about this. It can be an indicator of disease or other underlying issues, such as radiation exposure or autoimmune issues.

Do not use harsh treatments on your hair, such as bleaching or dyeing with many commercial chemical dyes. These strip the hair of its natural protection, making it weaker and more brittle, rendering it more prone to breakage. Making your hair darker with natural dyes such as henna is usually less problematic than bleaching. You may also need to avoid perms; the harsh chemicals used to set a permanent curl can also render the hair more delicate.

Don’t pull your hair back too severely. If you pull your hair back in a tight ponytail or bun day after day, you can weaken its attachment to your head. This makes it easier for your hair to pull out. If your hair is already falling out, do not pull your hair back severely. If you hair is firmly attached, do not pull your hair back severely every single day if you can avoid doing so.

Hair loss is a more common problem than you might think, but it’s also fairly easy to slow down. You are unlikely to be able to avoid it entirely if all your relatives went bald at 60, but you can certainly slow it down with good nutrition and gentle treatment. Use these tips to help you keep your hair intact and looking great as long as you can. While these tips must be used long-term for best results, they will also be beneficial for your health as well as that of your hair.

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