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How To Use Household Products To Look Beautiful

Posted July 10, 2014 by m0j0admin in Beauty Tips

Many people are under the assumption that looking your best comes with an associated cost and spending tons of time performing complicated beauty procedures. There are; however, dozens of household items available for personal use that can make you look and feel great, without too much fuss or time. By using these simple and effective tips, you can ensure that you’ll feel great about yourself, your look and the amount of time and money you spend.

Use apple cider vinegar. This product, in addition to being great to have around the house to help heal bee stings and sunburns, works well to get rid of impurities in and on the skin, and make it feel smoother. Put some on a cloth, and wipe it over your skin gently to ease away impurities, clear pores and give you smooth, touchable skin in just a few treatments.

Apply a honey face mask. Honey face masks are great, as honey has the peculiar ability of being both antibacterial, and able to stay on longer than traditional store-bought creams and lotions. Consider using Manuka Honey. Manuka honey is found predominantly in New Zealand and is known for having particularly strong antibacterial properties. Though it is quite expensive, it does a much better job as part of a honey mask than typical clover honey. However, if you have allergies, you should consider using honey from your region, as consistently applying the honey to your system, through topical application and digestion, will help you to better adapt to the pollen in your area.

Monitor your diet and how your skin reacts in order to reduce the appearance of acne. If spicy foods irritate your acne, avoid them. This will take some monitoring and deduction on your part. You should be careful to write down what you’ve eaten in a calendar or phone memo. You need not be too specific at first– sugar, spicy, Mexican, Chinese, fast and other adjectives will suit your needs. Afterward, note in you break out in acne. If you have, you’ll know the cause. If you eliminate that item from your diet, and your acne persists, you should consider the possibility of your acne having multiple causes, or it resulting in something you ate prior to the day before, which is incredibly possible as bodies metabolize foods differently, meaning what you ate that caused your acne may have been metabolized more slowly.

Get regular and proper amounts of sleep. Ensure you get at least six hours of sleep per night, but strive for a regular eight. This will reduce the appearance of puffy, red skin on your face, and help eliminate or reduce bags under your eyes.

Use coconut oil in your hair to make it softer. This can be supplemented with shampoo, or used in place of it, if you take care to massage the scalp carefully when washing your hair.

If you want to dye your hair, use henna or lemon. These dyes, being much more natural, will do less damage to your hair overall. Whereas normal dyes dry out the hair, using natural ones like henna to darken, and lemon to lighten, will let your hair keep its texture and softness.

Though beauty regimens are typically expensive and time consuming, the ones above are much better and more natural, and will result in better results. They also do not take much time, and are very simple. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your body looks and feels great.

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