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How To Use Cosmetics To Make You Look Beautiful At

Posted July 1, 2014 by m0j0admin in Beauty Tips

How To Use Cosmetics To Make You Look Beautiful At Any Age

Makeup has been used for years to flatter a lady’s face. With the advances in cosmetics, looking younger has never been easier. The following article shows you how you can use cosmetics to make you look beautiful at any age. These classic application methods are flattering for any aged woman and for any skin type. Continue reading to learn how to apply makeup correctly.

Many women opt for full coverage lipstick; as you age, this type of lipstick can accentuate the lines and wrinkles in your lips. Instead of using full coverage lipstick, opt for a sheer lipstick. A sheer lipstick will gently color your lips without settling into the fine lines and wrinkles. Remember, lipstick should be used to flatter your lips.

Opt for creamy foundations instead of powder-based foundations. Powder foundations settle into the fine lines on your face which makes you look older. There are many creamy and liquid foundations on the market that moisturize and help blur the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Use one of these products for best results.

Blush is another cosmetic that can either make you look younger or age you. By learning the proper application techniques for applying blush, you can create a youthful glow. Choose a flattering pink or peach color; then, apply to the apples of your cheeks for best results. After you have applied the blush, blend well. Finish by applying a minute amount of high definition setting powder. This will help blend the blush even more resulting in an inner glow look.

Mascara should be used to highlight and draw attention to your eyes. Instead of opting for black mascara, choose a color that closely matches your hair color. To apply without creating clumps, remove the mascara wand from the mascara tube and gently blot using a facial tissue. Then, apply to your top lashes only using a smooth, sweeping motion. Allow mascara to fully dry before applying a second coat. By applying to the top lashes only, your eyes will appear brighter and more open. Avoid applying to the lower lashes because it makes the eyes look smaller and accentuates crow’s feet.

Eyebrows should be kept groomed; however, you should avoid over plucking your eyebrows. Overly plucked eyebrows create harsh lines on your face. Instead, gently pluck your eyebrows to create a flattering frame to your eyes. Fuller eyebrows that are well groomed help soften your face resulting in a younger look.

Choose an eye shadow color that accentuates your eye color using soft colors such as peach, plum or taupe colors. Colors such as blues and greens are generally thought to age you and should, therefore, be avoided.

Additionally, avoid using black eyeliner. Instead, opt for an eyeliner that matches your eyelashes. Apply the eyeliner to only your top lid and smudge to create a soft line.

As this article has shown, there are many methods to use when applying makeup that will make you look younger. Follow the advice from this article to learn how to flatter your face at any age.

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