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How to Maintain Your Appearance

Posted June 1, 2014 by m0j0admin in Beauty Tips

Beauty is a commonly desired quality. Many millions of people strive for it, investing millions of dollars per year, and hundreds of hours in research. However, beauty is subjective, and so you cannot create a heuristic of steps on ‘how to be beautiful’. So, instead of focusing on how to be beautiful, the following tips can help you take a few common steps that may make you more physically and traditionally beautiful.

Get a hairstyle that matched your personality, physical appearance, and face shape. This is a task for a skilled hair stylist. If you have a friend or relative in hair and beauty, they may be willing to do the work discounted, and will give you more honest advice than a typical salon employee or beautician, who will recommend anything in order to be paid.

Polish and look after your nails. This can be as simple as filing and painting them over with a solid color or keeping them trimmed short. This may be particularly easy if you bite or have naturally short nails. However, you can also invest in monthly manicures, if you have the money and excess time to dedicate to them. Nails are a great way to accessorize with an outfit, especially if you have to dress very plainly in your workplace.

If you have any facial hair, treat it away. This can be as simple and routine as shaving, or may be more complex, like using electrolysis, waxing, or non-razor shaving products like Nair or Veet. This should be used between the eyebrows, on the upper lip, and possibly in the sideburns area, depending on how self-conscious you are and the extent to which your hair grows in.

Workout regularly. This is essential, as working out helps keep your weight low, and will give you a specific glow. It also boosts your available energy during the day, meaning that you will look and feel happier, more alert, and much more positive. Exercising also gives you more confidence. This is essential in maintaining and projecting a strong and beautiful presence.

Do not smoke. No other legal substance ages and deteriorates the body so much and so quickly as smoking does. It can ruin your appearance, and often comes with it a smell that people find offensive, disgusting, and disruptive. Furthermore, smoking also stains the teeth and fingernails, making your habit obvious, even if you try to hide it.

Buy a perfume that you feel is representative of your personality. Change it occasionally, once or twice a year to keep things fresh, but make sure you keep a ‘signature scent’ for a few months. This is a great way to associate yourself and your image with people, as they will come to recognize your smell above others.

Eat healthy foods. This will give you a great mental image of yourself as a healthy person. Additionally, it will make you feel great about yourself and give you multiple health benefits, like avoiding diabetes and heart disease.

Get makeup that is of high quality. Though price never indicates inherent quality, buying makeup that works is important to give you a well-groomed appearance.

Beauty is subjective, but the steps to achieve a natural, beautiful, and healthy base are not. By following these simple tips and adopting them into your everyday life, you can ensure that you will look and feel great.

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