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How to Maintain Beauty

Posted May 25, 2014 by m0j0admin in Beauty Tips

Beauty is very subjective, meaning it varies from person to person. As a result, different people have different ideas of how they perceive beauty and what beauty really is. Instead of focusing on looks as something that simply does not change and applying rules based on the idea that everyone looks the same, you should learn how to maintain your own personal level of beauty.

Have a hairstyle that is appropriate for your age, size, and personality. This may mean picking a completely new hairstyle for yourself, or dying your hair. Choose a hair color that expresses who you are. If you are young, fun, and creative, a bright color like red may be best. If, however, you are a professional who is more low-key, a dark brown may better suit you and your stylistic needs. Consult with a hair stylist if you are unsure.

Look after your nails. Nails are, generally speaking, either completely ignored, or are one of the major focuses in a woman’s life. There is very little grey area in nail maintenance. Polish your nail surface with buffer pads and nail files to ensure they are clean and shiny. Painting over them is optional, but should be considered if you want to make an otherwise boring outfit less drab.

Get rid of facial hair! Though it is occasionally attractive in men, it is almost universally understood that facial hair in women in unattractive. Shave, wax, pluck, or thread unwanted facial hair away from your upper lip and between your eyebrows. This will make your appearance much cleaner and more feminine, particularly if you have a broad face and prominent brow or jawline as a woman.

Work out on a semi regular basis, or engage in light exercise daily to keep your metabolism up and ensure that you maintain high energy, low weight, and a limited risk for heart disease and diabetes.

Do not smoke. Smoking is terrible for your health and can age you very quickly. Additionally, it yellows your teeth, stains your nails, and can increase your risk of heart disease.

Buy a decent perfume that you can wear both day to day and when you go out for social events. This is a great investment, as many people will associate you with the way that you smell. Having a subtle, pleasant smell about you is likely to be a great boost to your image.

Eat healthy foods. In addition to being sure to keep you around longer, eating healthy foods also does wonders for your skin, weight, and hair.

Exfoliate your skin regularly to moisturize it and remove dead or dry skin cells. This will make all of your skin smoother and more pleasant to touch.

Although beauty is subjective, and therefore cannot be attributed to any one particular set of rules, these serve as a general guideline of things anyone can do to improve the way they look and feel. Looking and feeling good about yourself will make you more successful and bring you much more joy in life.

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