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How To Fight Back Against Hair Loss

Posted April 23, 2014 by m0j0admin in Hair Loss

When it comes to keeping a healthy, full, vibrant head of hair for your entire life, the odds are really stacked against you. Not only do you have genetics and aging to worry about, but changes in your diet, a wide rage if illnesses, and even the hair care products you use can all promote the loss of hair. You may need a little help to fight this uphill battle, so pay attention to the information below and use it to fight back against any hair loss.

Your hair, just like your nails and your skin, is often a reflection of the lifestyle you lead. If you’re eating right, exercising regularly, and are in generally good health, then your hair should reflect this. Other than genetics throwing a monkey wrench in your program, eating right and staying in great shape should help you to keep a full, healthy head of hair. Although it’s not guaranteed 100%, it’s a strong weapon to fight against hair loss.

Luckily, there are many different things you can do to take care of your hair. For starters, you can wash it properly. Stay away from those harsh dyes and chemicals. Try to use softer organic products that won’t strip away dirt and grime at the roots. Be very gentle with your hair. You should also consider keeping your hair well groomed. Remove those split ends frequently and keep your hair combed regularly to avoid any tangles and knots.

Once you start experiencing hair loss, you really need to change a few things around in order to slow the process down. For example, you could switch out the type of shampoo you use. Even if you don’t have a harsh shampoo, you can switch to something a lot gentler. You should also keep a shorter haircut. Shorter hair has far fewer complications and you will ultimately keep more of your hair by wearing it in a shorter style. Plus, as an added benefit, thinning hair is harder to spot with shorter hairstyles.

Although you’re not going to find many home remedies that have the backing of the medical community, you will find millions of people out there who swear by the effectiveness of some home treatments. For instance, some people wash their hair with egg whites, believing that the protein will strengthen their hair. Others use different types of oil to massage into the scalp, improving the circulation and health of the hair follicles.

5. What are some professional treatments for hair loss?

In terms of professional treatments you can seek for hair loss, you should first look into something like Rogaine (or a competitor brand). This product uses a minoxidil, a medication that stops hair loss and is proven to help in the process of hair regrowth. You could also look into things like hair transplant procedures to help.

With a lot of different treatment options available for you, hair loss isn’t the end of the world. Just follow some of the information above and work to strengthen and to regrow your hair.

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