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How to Deal with Hair Loss for Women

Posted April 18, 2014 by m0j0admin in Hair Loss

There are so many products and resources marketed towards men that deal with hair loss. However, many women suffer silently from the same affliction. Know that you are not alone in dealing with hair loss as a woman. Follow the tips below to learn how to treat and cope with your hair loss.

Women lose hair for the same reasons men do. Genetics, pollution and bad lifestyle habits can contribute to hair loss in men and women. Hair loss in women is talked about less often and even kept hidden in many cases. There are many women suffering from thinning hair and hair loss, but they keep it hidden well.

One type of hair loss that affect women more than men is traction alopecia. Traction alopecia is when hair loss is caused by too much pressure on the hair follicle. This is often caused by tight hairstyles. Actually, in areas where tightly pulled back hairstyles are fashionable, there are many more cases of traction alopecia. When you tie your hair back, it is a good idea to keep it in a loose bun and do not pull on your hair too tightly. A nice hair style now is not worth losing hair in the future.

The only possible way to reverse hair loss is when the hair loss is caused by poor nutrition, smoking or drinking too much alcohol. When the bad habit is stopped, the hair loss will end and you are likely to grow some lost hair back. If your hair loss or thinning hair is caused by genetics, there is not much you can do but try to slow the hair loss.

Do not use a hair loss treatment that is made for men. They have different hormones and the ingredients in those treatments are not meant for a woman. Ask your doctor for recommendations on the best hair treatments for women. He or she will be able to give you advice that fits your hair loss type and your preferences.

There are many ways women cover up hair loss. You probably know a few women that suffer from hair loss and you cannot even tell. There are a wide variety of wigs for different budgets and extensions. Ask your hairstylist for ideas on the best ways for you to cover up your hair loss or fill in your thinning hair.

Stay positive and take pride in your appearance. Do not let losing hair make you depressed. Wear nice clothes and put your makeup on and know that you are still beautiful with or without the hair you used to have.

Dealing with hair loss is a difficult thing for most women. It is something women have used to display beauty from the beginning of time. If you suffer from hair loss, you do not have to suffer in silence. Use the tips from this article to find the options that work for you so you can conquer your hair loss and control your destiny.

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