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How To Choose A Qualified Hair Loss Professional

Posted April 8, 2014 by m0j0admin in Hair Loss

A hair loss professional is called a Trichologists. This is a very specific type of training that not many people are aware of. Unfortunately, hair loss is a topic that just about any practitioner dealing with health or hair care can claim to be capable of addressing. In this article we will discuss the things to look for when seeking a qualified hair loss professional.

A qualified hair loss professional is well-trained. Generally speaking a qualified Trichologists must train for four years at a reputable institute. These are located in most countries around the world. A Trichologists is a health care professional with specific training in hair and scalp and a strong focus on nutrition. Because there are more than fifty different types of hair loss, it is important to go to a fully qualified hair loss professional for diagnosis and treatment.

The key to proper treatment of hair loss is proper diagnosis. There are almost as many different types of hair loss treatment as there are types of hair loss. For this reason, it’s important that you see a specialist who has been thoroughly trained in all types of hair loss and every possible treatment available. While some other disciplines may have some knowledge of trichology, only a fully trained Trichologists is really qualified to diagnose and treat or make appropriate referrals for treating hair loss.

Trichologists have specialized training to help patients suffering from problems with the scalp and hair. An interview with a qualified Trichologists includes a thorough questioning regarding symptoms and lifestyle. Once the Trichologists has a good idea of the problem, he or she will determine whether or not treatment is within his or her realm. If not, an appropriate medical referral will be made promptly.

A hairdresser is not usually a Trichologists. While most cosmetic hair care training includes an option to study Trichology, it is not required. Additionally, the trichology training provided for hair dressers is abbreviated and is not nearly as intensive or thorough as that undertaken by fully qualified Trichologists. Generally speaking, hairdressers will take just one overview module of information.

General practitioners are also not required to study trichology and hair loss. They can opt to take a course or two in this area of care, but this is by no means as comprehensive as the four-year course taken by trichologists.

When choosing a Trichologists, you must be very careful. Because this area of medicine has not yet been fully recognized by the medical community, accreditation varies from country to country and community to community. Be sure to interview the hair loss professionals you are considering very thoroughly and ask for references and before and after pictures of success stories. Do a background check and verify the person’s education claims.

If you are worried about hair loss, the last thing you want to do is waste time on an improper diagnosis and expensive, ineffective treatment. By following the tips presented here, you can seek out a genuine, qualified, experienced Trichologists to help you with your hair loss dilemma.

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