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How to Be Traditionally Beautiful

Posted March 12, 2014 by m0j0admin in Beauty Tips

Beauty is traditionally described as something that is aesthetically pleasing or looks good to the eye. Many different people have many different ways to define what beauty is in terms of people. However, beauty varies from person to person. Despite this, there are many different articles written on ‘how to be beautiful’, which include a blanket of tips and descriptions that may not apply to everyone. By following these simple tips, however, you can be traditionally beautiful no matter what you look like.

Have great hair. The hair is often one of the first things other people will notice about you. So, first, you should try to find a hair style that fits your face shape, age, personality, and general proportions. Then, find a color that suits you. Some people prefer natural colors, and others prefer bright or vivid colors that will make them stand out and look spunky, innovative, or non-conformist.

Polish up your nails. If you do not want to paint your nails another color, you can still use nail files and buffer pads to make your nails shiny. You can also clip your nails with a nail clipper, and file down the rough edges to give yourself a smooth, rounded nail that looks healthy and clean. These small details often help bring someone’s entire look together. Do not forget, if you wear shoes with open toes or frequently go barefoot, to mind your toenails as well.

Shave off your facial hair, or use a hair removal product to get rid of it if you are female. Though some men can work facial hair very well (depending on their general appearance, jawline, and cheekbones) it is highly unlikely, as a woman, that you will be met with similar approval. To help remedy facial hair problems, use razorless shaving options like Veet or Nair, use an electric shaver to get a very close shave, or wax your eyebrows and upper lip to prevent hair from growing in dark and stubbly.

Workout regularly. In addition to making you look and feel great, working out will help improve your posture, outlook on life, and health. If you do not normally exercise, consider getting a dog and walking it daily, enrolling in a fitness class, taking up swimming or cycling, or otherwise beginning a light and social exercise regimen.

Do not smoke. Smoking makes you constantly smell like cigarettes, discolors your teeth, can stain your fingernails, and reduces your senses of taste and smell. Additionally, many people find cigarette smoking unattractive.

Buy a nice perfume or cologne that is unique and pleases you. Apply it lightly before going out, and be mindful not to douse yourself in it.

Eat healthy foods to give you a natural, happy glow.

Buy the right kind of makeup to ensure that your face will look well maintained and smooth.

Get enough sleep. Nothing ages a person like not sleeping enough, which can result in bags under your eyes and a slower mental capacity.

Although beauty is subjective, there are some basic things you can do to ensure that your appearance is associated with the word beautiful.

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