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How to Avoid Major Makeup Blunders

Posted March 1, 2014 by m0j0admin in Beauty Tips

For many people, the simple wear and tear of day to day life can really take a toll on the makeup they put on. Too often, people come home after a long, busy day to find their mascara smeared, teeth stained with lipstick, and foundation splotchy. However, taking some simple precautions will allow you to avoid these makeup disasters, and have you looking and feeling beautiful all day long, regardless of what life throws at you.

If you use blush to contour your cheeks, do not forget to blend it so that it does not appear as though you have two red circles on your cheeks. Instead, blush should mimic the natural redness that comes to the face when laughing.

Ensure that the foundation along your chin and jawline is blended well. Otherwise, it will appear as though your face and neck are disconnected. This is especially true if you use a bronzing type of foundation to make yourself appear more tanned.

During the day, don’t forget to do touch ups. These are particularly important if you have an active or busy workday. Take your handbag with you to the bathroom to ensure that you have all the necessary accessories and makeup items needed to touch up your makeup.

Avoid dark lip liners that do not match well with the rest of your face. This can make your entire face look off kilter, and it could make your mouth appear a different size or shape than it actually is.

When it is hot or humid, use waterproof products to help prevent sweat from ruining your makeup and causing it to run. Though waterproof products are more expensive, you’ll have to apply them less frequently during the day so they are, ounce per ounce, a worthwhile investment.

Avoid using too much powder on your face, as it can cake up and crack, giving your face a dried and ages appearance, like the soil in a desert.

Choose colors that complement your eye color, but do not match it. Matching your eye shadow to your eye color can make you look strange, particularly if you eyes are blue or green. Choosing a complimentary color and shade will give you a smoky eye look that will draw attention to your eyes.

Avoid body glitter in a professional environment. Though it can be fun out on the town or in the club, the workplace is no place for tiny glittery patches under your eyes or elsewhere on your face.

There are very few rules one really should follow with makeup, as it is meant to be expressive and show others who you are. However, there are a few simple guidelines for maintaining a professional appearance and avoiding makeup faux pas. By following these simple tips and making some slight changes to your day to day makeup routine, you can ensure that your makeup will be flawless and have you feeling gorgeous throughout the day and even into the night or evening.

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