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Head To Toe Beauty Tips

Posted February 15, 2014 by m0j0admin in Beauty Tips

Beauty may be skin deep, but it is also total-body! With just a little care, you can pamper your whole body from head to toe with easy, affordable beauty treatments that will leave you feeling and looking great. Read on to learn more.

The Eyes Have It!

A light application of natural oil around your eyes at night will help prevent crow’s feet and keep your lashes healthy and supple. When you are ready to make up your eyes, warming up your eyelash curler for a moment or two with your hair dryer will give it a little extra curling power. Once you have perfectly curled lashes, remember to roll your mascara brush slightly as you apply your mascara. This will help you get a smooth, clump free application. Now apply your eye shadow. It’s best to go with colors that enhance your eyes rather than trying to coordinate with clothing or jewelry. For green eyes, violet tints are dramatic and flattering. For blue eyes, brown tints surprisingly enhance the color. Brown eyes are flattered by earth tones such as brown and dark green. If you are lucky enough to have hazel eyes, you can go with just about any color. Finally, apply your eye liner using a lighter touch toward the inner edges of your upper lid and allowing the line to thicken slightly at the outer edges. Apply liner only to the outer edge of the bottom lid. As a last touch, add just a little shimmering white eye shadow to the outer corners of your eyes for dazzle and drama.

Take Care Of Your Crowning Glory!

After shampooing, give your hair shine by rinsing with cool water. A final rinse with a quart of cool water and an ounce of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar adds even more shine. Allowing your hair to simply air dry without combing or brushing will leave your hair bouncier and prevent breakage. Alternately, you can get natural, soft waves by combing your hair gently with a wide-toothed comb after washing and then braiding it. Apply a little cologne or essential oil to the braids for lasting scent. When your braids are dry, brush them out gently.

Pucker Up!

Keep your lips soft with regular application of a natural oil. Be careful not to make chapping and dryness worse by licking your lips. When you choose lipstick colors, choose colors that complement your skin tones and enhance the size and shape of your lips. If your lips are large, muted bronze, brown tones or wine tones are best. If your lips are very small, you should use soft colors and avoid dark ones. Apply lipstick carefully, staying just inside your natural lip line. Blot with tissue to avoid blurring and smearing. Prevent having lipstick on your teeth by putting your thumb between your lips and then pulling it out to get the lipstick off the inner edge of your lips.

Fingertips And Tootsies Need Love Too!

While polishing your nails, soak your feet in warm tea! Put a couple of family sized tea bags in a gallon of boiling water and let it steep and cool to a comfortable temperature. Soak your feet to soften calluses and eliminate odor. After polishing your nails, soak them in ice water to get a strong, shiny finish. Avoid blowing on them or using a blow dryer because this will dull the finish. Once your nails are dry, place your feet in a warm towel to rest. When they are dry, apply light oil and wear cotton socks for a while to soften your skin.

When you follow the tips presented here, you will look and feel your very best from the top of your head to the soles of your feet!

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