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Hair Loss: Attempting To Find The Culprit

Posted December 20, 2013 by m0j0admin in Hair Loss

It can be very shocking and extremely upsetting when you notice that you’re losing your hair. Most people will instantly begin to go through their lives, attempting to figure out the culprit behind the sudden hair loss. More often than not, when you’re able to locate the cause, you’re also able to find a working cure. So your main goal here should be to figure out exactly what it is that’s causing you to lose your hair.

One of the potential problems that may be causing you to lose hair is going to sleep with mousse and hairspray and other haircare products still trapped in your head. Maybe you’ve been able to get away with this for years without any negative results, and thus this isn’t the first thing you look at. However, as you begin to age and your diet and body all begin to change, your hair follicles lose some of their strength. The stress these products put on your hair could be causing it to fall out.

Another common cause of hair loss is the actual shampoo and conditioning products you’re using. Just like with the hairspray and other styling products, this may not have been an issue when you were younger. Your hair was stronger then; it could fend off the harsh chemicals and other undesirable ingredients in supermarket shampoos. But now you may need to go with a softer, cleaner product. Try something organic and clean and get away from that mass-produced stuff.

There’s a common theme here when discussing the potential causes of hair loss. When you were a lot younger, you could put your hair back into a ponytail or in tight braids and not have to worry about it. Even if you lost some, it would quickly grow back. But as you age, you should think about looser hairstyles and shorter hair. You shouldn’t put your hair in braids or into any tight style if you want to avoid potential hair loss.

When your hair gets wet, it automatically becomes tangled. Wet hair strands are significantly heavier and they will begin to tangle and interweave with one another. This isn’t something you can tell from looking at your hair necessarily, but once you run that comb or brush through it, you’re pulling the tangles apart and causing damage to your roots. Comb your hair when it’s dry before it gets wet, and then again after it dries.

There are many different methods you can implement for root circulation if you believe poor circulation to be a cause of your hair loss. You’re basically just trying to get more blood and oxygen to your hair follicles. Scalp massages with oil do this. Certain types of organic products will promote circulation. Healthy diet and exercise also promote better circulation. You have plenty of options here to improve your circulation.

Losing your hair is not something you can always prevent. However, for the common causes of hair loss, like the ones listed above, you can work to stop and to reverse them effectively.

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