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Hair Care Tips To Slow Down Hair Loss

Posted December 14, 2013 by m0j0admin in Hair Loss

Do you need to slow down your hair loss? You will have to make some changes to your hair care regimen. This article is filled with useful hair care tips.

Get products adapted to your situation. Invest in quality shampoos, conditioners and hair masks. Look for products designed to slow down hair loss or strengthen your hair. There are many different products to choose from; read reviews, talk with your friends or ask your doctor for recommendations if you are not sure which products to try. Get rid of gels, mousses and any hair care product that contains harsh chemicals.

Wash your hair regularly. Use lukewarm water since your scalp might not react well to extremely hot or cold water. Apply shampoo and take the time to massage your scalp to improve circulation. Use conditioner even if you have short hair; conditioning your hair will strengthen it and you will be able to comb it gently instead of pulling on the hair follicles to entangle your hair. Apply a hair mask once or twice a week. Read the instructions of the hair mask you purchased before using it to figure out how long you have to wait before rinsing.

Your hair needs protein and vitamins. The shampoos and other hair care products designed for people with a hair loss problem are enriched in vitamins, but there are homemade remedies you can try. Wash your hair with a raw egg to give it a protein boost and massage your scalp regularly to improve circulation and revitalize your hair follicles. You should also make some changes to your diet by eating more fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and lean meats. Avoid poor nutritional choices and take a multi-vitamin supplement if you need to.

Avoid any kind of friction on your scalp. You should avoid touching or scratching your head as much as possible. Wearing a hat or a hair-piece is a good way to conceal your hair loss but your scalp needs to breathe and more hair follicles will die because of the constant friction. Do not style your hair back or too tightly to avoid putting too much pressure on your scalp. If you want to hide your hair loss, it is best to keep your hair very short. Go see a stylist or a professional hairdresser if you need to change your look. If you can afford to, you should look into getting some hair implanted on your scalp. This surgical procedure is the only way to get some hair back on your head, but there is no guarantee the hair will stay if you do not adopt a proper hair care regimen and a healthier lifestyle. It will be easier to deal with hair loss once you accept that you are aging and that your appearance should not be your main preoccupation.

There are many other things you should do to slow down your hair loss, such as reducing your stress, adopting regular sleep patterns and avoiding smoking and drinking. If nothing seems to work, schedule an appointment with your doctor to get some advice.

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