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Creating Your Look in Clothing for Beauty

Posted October 23, 2013 by m0j0admin in Beauty Tips

The way you dress can positively impact your look and can help you feel confident. Use the suggestions below for establishing a clothing style that supports your beauty goals.

Consciously establish a look for yourself by considering what type of clothing you usually wear rather than planning your wardrobe based on the advice of a television makeover in order to create a look you can maintain.

For instance, while the high heels and dressy jackets put on housewives who undergo television makeovers may look good, it’s hard to imagine that those changes are going to last when the housewife goes back to her everyday routine.

Wear age appropriate clothing, even if you have a figure that can fit into the latest styles for juniors and teens, in order to create a look that mirrors your experience and actual age. Age appropriate clothing does not mean sacrificing style but it frequently means going for a more classic look than a trendy look.

Purchase a few items that go along with the new look you want to establish and make sure that you wear them before replacing your entire wardrobe in order to make sure you’re on the right track of establishing a style that’s comfortable enough for you to maintain.

For instance, if you’re transitioning away from jeans into slacks, make sure that the slacks you purchase are as comfortable as your jeans, and that they’re as easy to launder as your jeans, to increase the chances that you’ll wear the slacks.

Don’t purchase a few very expensive items that you’re unlikely to be able to replace. These items cannot establish a look because you only have a few of them, and you’re likely to keep them even after they begin to get shabby because you won’t be able to afford to replace them.

Get rid of clothing that no longer fits or is uncomfortable, including shoes, so that you can better store and choose from the clothing you have. By maximizing your closet space, your wardrobe will stay better pressed and fresher smelling than if your closet becomes a flea market for old and unworn clothing.

Purchase accessories you’ll wear rather than accessories you like in order to create a look you can maintain and conserve your fashion spending.

For instance, if you know that you frequently go to sleep wearing your earrings, you’ll want to be sure they’re not too dangly or made from non-hypoallergenic materials that can affect your skin when you sleep or shower.

Spend time washing clothing correctly in order to preserve its look. Part of maintaining your clothing is making certain it’s clean which frequently means avoiding clothing that will require you to have it pressed if you don’t iron or dry-cleaned.

Don’t fall into the trap of wearing clothing multiple times before cleaning to preserve its shape or avoid the expense of having it cleaned professionally. Wearing clothing too many times before having it dry-cleaned means you’re wearing clothing that is dirty and is likely to smell.

Establishing your look in clothing is an important part of your beauty choices. Use the suggestions above for creating a realistic look for yourself that you can maintain.

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