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Beauty Treatments That Accommodate an Active Lifestyle

Posted October 3, 2013 by m0j0admin in Beauty Tips

An active lifestyle is great for your health and should not present a choice between maintaining a beauty regimen that makes you feel good and an active lifestyle that makes you feel good. Use the suggestions below for beauty tips that won’t hold you back from an active lifestyle.

If you get expensive or extensive hair treatments from straightening to curling to dying and you exercise, you’ll have to consider how frequently you wash your hair. A good rule of thumb is to choose cleanliness over looks, since dirty hair smells and never looks as good as clean hair. Instead of skipping a washing, purchase a mild shampoo that you can use after you exercise.

Choose makeup that works for you when you participate in outdoor sports. For instance, you can use a foundation that is a combination sunscreen and foundation in order to protect your skin from sun damage and achieve the skin tone that foundation provides.

If you frequently swim for exercise, you’ll likely want to protect your treated hair with a swim-cap rather than attempt to swim with your head out of the water. Showering before you go into the water will allow your hair to absorb more shower water rather than chlorinated pool water or salt water so that your hair treatment will be less exposed to those aspects of the water in which you’re swimming.

If you want to avoid multiple showers during the day in order to avoid drying or chafing your skin, establish an exercise routine where you exercise early or later in the day so that you can shower in the morning or at night and be clean for the day. If you have a very strong body odor or tend to sweat a lot when you sleep, you might not be able to shower at night as your once-a-day bathing ritual so that you’ll want to arrange to exercise early.

Purchase clothing that can be rolled and unrolled without wrinkling so that you can shower and dress before work at the gym in order to save time in your morning routine while preserving your look. By changing your clothing style to include fabrics less likely to wrinkle, you’ll make it easier to transport work clothing with you to the gym.

Make certain that you bring mouthwash and toothbrush with you when you exercise so that you can use it before you go out in public. While a water bottle will help keep you hydrated, exercise frequently is accompanied by bad breath that you’ll want to address.

Choose accessories that won’t interfere with your exercise, such as small post earrings and bracelets that fit snugly around your wrist, if you feel uncomfortable going out wearing no jewelry. Be especially careful about rings you wear if you engage in sports such as basketball where you can injure your fingers and cause them to swell or if you engage in an activity where your ring can get caught and injure your finger.

Your active lifestyle should be part of, not a detriment to your beauty regimen. Use the suggestions above for maintaining your look when you lead an active lifestyle.

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