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Creating Eyebrows after Eyebrow Hair Loss

Posted August 22, 2013 by m0j0admin in Hair Loss

Your eyebrows can be an important part of the look you’re trying to achieve. Use the suggestions below to shape and groom your eyebrows without damaging your remaining eyebrow hair.

While there are underlying medical conditions and treatments that can cause eyebrow hair loss, most people will experience hair thinning as they age. When you’re looking to create a look that includes your eyebrows, there’s lots of cosmetic advice and makeup that can help replace the look you want without more expensive or complicated procedures.

Just like eyelashes, there are artificial eyebrows that you can buy for about $30. Many of these products are made from human hair and can be worn in water, though submersion for prolonged periods of times can shorten the time that they last.

Your eyebrows require careful hair treatment much like the hair on your head. Pulling from tweezing or even the harsh application of eyebrow pencils can cause eyebrow hair loss. Eyebrow threading can also cause eyebrow hair loss. While in many instances eyebrows grow back, they grow back more slowly than other hair on your body so that you’ll want to address your eyebrow hair loss without jeopardizing future growth.

Trimming your eyebrows should not cause eyebrow hair loss. Follow the advice of your favorite stylist to achieve the look you want by trimming uneven eyebrow hair and preventing hair loss.

Eyebrow tattoos can often be used to fill in the look of thinning eyebrows. Eyebrow tattoos are less likely to help you achieve the look you want if you have little to no eyebrow hair left.

Using makeup to fill in the gaps in your eyebrows that can occur from hair loss can provide you with great results. Choose a powdered makeup that you can use to fill in your eyebrows. After applying the powder, an eyebrow pencil can be used to better define your eyebrows.

Consider using a specially formulated eyebrow makeup. Though typically more expensive than an eyebrow pencil, eyebrow makeup usually includes a waxy formula that allows for better retention of makeup on your eyebrows.

Some people have achieved the look and texture of makeup they want for thinning eyebrows using theatrical makeup. There are online stores that sell theatrical eyebrow makeup.

Seasonal changes that affect the hair on your head may also contribute to the need to modify your eyebrow makeup during colder, dryer winter months. Making sure that you don’t use any hair care products with alcohol is beneficial to prevent damaging your eyebrow hair. This includes facial cleansers and treatments.

If you use a harsh facial cleanser to treat a specific facial condition, avoid using it on the skin near or around your eyes and eyebrows. This will prevent the over-drying or other harsh effects that can result from ingredients in your facial skin treatment.

Creating a look for your eyebrows that you want when you’re experiencing eyebrow hair loss can be achieved by using a variety of non-surgical techniques. Use the suggestions above to create a great look for eyebrows that are thinning or falling out.

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