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Avoiding Beauty Regrets

Posted July 10, 2013 by m0j0admin in Beauty Tips

While improving your look is desirable, there are many steps people have taken to improve beauty that they’ve regretted later. Use the information below to avoid beauty tips that you might regret you ever tried.

Make sure any skin cream or application is safe before you use it by researching the product and its ingredients and determining whether the Food and Drug Administration, FDA, has issued warnings about the product or its ingredients.

Don’t assume that you’ll be able to have a tattoo effectively removed or that you’ll be able to afford to remove the tattoo at some later date when you’re considering getting a tattoo.

Don’t adopt an aggressive eyebrow plucking approach because over time your eyebrows may not grow back as full as they are now.

Don’t choose unhealthy diets that promise immediate weight loss results or rely on diuretics or water pills because all these strategies have been found to negatively impact health.

Don’t take vitamin supplements without researching their impact on your entire body.

Don’t go out in the sun without sunscreen in order to achieve a “faster” tan because of the risk of skin cancer.

Don’t get plastic surgery without thoroughly researching the plastic surgeon and the procedure you’re considering.

Consider alternatives to plastic surgery before assuming that you need gastric bypass or some other treatment to achieve weight loss.

Don’t put gauges in your ears in order to avoid surgery to repair the holes you create.

Don’t use false nails without taking a break from wearing them in order to prevent weakening or distortion of your natural nails.

Don’t use facial peels without researching the product and the person who will be applying the facial peel in order to avoid permanent damage.

Avoid squeezing your pores or pimples and treat them instead in order to prevent scarring, infection and oversized pores.

Don’t wear high heels all the time in order to prevent foot injury.

Don’t use tooth whitener excessively because it can lead to tooth damage and cracking.

Don’t overuse aspirin or other pain relievers just so that you can continue your exercise routine but instead try heat and cold packs or switching up your exercise routine. Aspirin and other pain relievers can have serious negative consequences for your health over time.

Don’t wear heavy earrings all the time because you like the look because the holes in your ears will stretch and enlarge over time.

Don’t wear clothing that is too tight because it can negatively impact your circulation, including the footwear you choose.

Don’t use samples of beauty products without researching the product’s safety.

Don’t try natural beauty treatment recipes without making sure the source and the result are reliable. There are recipes for everything from homemade hair treatments to sun screens that sometimes require working with ingredients that present far more risk than using the over-the-counter product. Look for red flags that a beauty treatment might be dangerous for your health such as recipes that suggest you wear a mask during preparation.

Many beauty choices that people make they regret later. Include the considerations outlined in the article above before choosing a beauty treatment that you might wish you had avoided.

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