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Avoid Hair Loss

Posted July 8, 2013 by m0j0admin in Hair Loss

Are you worried about losing your hair? Do not be embarrassed. Hair loss is an extremely common problem that effects millions of men all over the world. Although hair loss is not life-threatening, it can be very upsetting and cause a person to lose confidence. Thankfully, there are things you can do to protect your hair and stop future hair loss. You must; however, not wait. If you want to keep your hair you must take action before it is too late because it is significantly easier to prevent hair loss than it is to grow back hair that you have already lost. This article contains great advice on how to save your hair. Read it carefully, apply what you learn and you just may be able to avoid going bald.

First things first. Before you can take action you must diagnose your hair loss. All though the vast majority of men who are suffering from hair loss are losing their hair because of genetic male pattern baldness, there are other illnesses that can cause your loss. Telogen effluvium is a diffuse type of hair loss. It can be caused by eating a reduced-calorie diet, experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety and certain hormone disorders. There is no treatment for telogen effluvium and this type of hair loss eventually resolves itself once the underlying issue is addressed. See a doctor to make sure that you do in fact have genetic male pattern baldness.

Once you have determined that you are suffering from genetic male pattern baldness, you can take action. There are just two medications that have been proven to slow down the progression of hair loss and regrow lost hair. The first, finasteride, sold under the brand name of Propecia, is a prescription pill that you must take every single day in order for it to remain effective. It works by reducing the levels of the hormone DHT in your scalp. Finasteride is great at maintaining hair and preventing or at the very least slowing down the progression of hair loss, but it is only so/so at growing back hair you’ve already lost. For this reason, it is important to start taking finasteride as soon as you begin to notice the early signs of hair loss. This will allow you to keep as much of your hair as possible.

The other medically proven hair loss treatment is Minoxidil. Minoxidil, popularized as Rogaine, is a topical solution you apply to your head. Although it used to require a prescription, minoxidil is now sold over-the-counter at drug stores and pharmacies. Minoxidil needs to be applied once or twice per day. Be careful not to let the solution drip down onto your face or forehead because you do not want hair growth in odd places. Again, although minoxidil has been proven to grow hair, you should not expect a miracle. The majority of the time minoxidil grows back thin, fine hairs. It is most effective at treating the bald spot at the vertex of the head and is much less effective at growing back hairlines.

Hair loss can be emotionally devastating. By following the advice in this article you may be able to keep your hair. Good luck!

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