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Five Ways to Winter-proof Your Daily Beauty Regimen

Posted May 29, 2012 by m0j0admin in Beauty Tips

As the temperature dips closer and closer to freezing, many women find themselves desperate to combat the effects of cold weather on their hair, skin and nails. Fortunately, you have many beauty options available to you as you navigate the holiday season and strive to put your best face forward. When the winter weather hits, use these beauty tips to look your very best.

Winter weather is rough on skin, but especially on your hands and nails. Brittle, dry nails and cuticles can become cracked and sore with prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures. Soften and heal your hands and fingers by regularly applying a generous layer of intensive moisturizing cream and allowing it to absorb into the skin for up to one minute. Finish by gently massaging the remaining product into your nail beds.

During the summer months, many women aim for a beach-friendly bronzed look. In December, however, this look seems a bit out of place. Think of winter as a time to let your natural color shine through without the help of tanning beds, bronzer and fake baking. Instead, play up your best features with a cool palette and subtle shimmer on your cheeks and just above your brow bones. This universally flattering look is simple, yet it is stylish enough to carry you through the season.

If you are a devoted fan of flavored lip glosses, you probably reach for one at the first sign of dry or chapped lips. When you apply these tasty treats, you often end up licking your lips more frequently. This can actually make the problem worse, and you may find yourself with redness and soreness around your mouth area as a result. During the colder months, opt for thick, waxy lip balms instead. The consistency of these products serves as a protective barrier against biting winds and dry air; it is also rich enough to withstand constant lip-licking.

As the temperature falls, the skin on your face may begin to feel dry, itchy and even somewhat more taut. This leads to unsightly flaking and redness, but can be prevented. An oil-free or cream-based facial moisturizer promotes even skin tone and supple skin; it also reduces discomfort and itchiness. Another option is to use a vitamin-infused moisture mist after coming in from the outdoors. These lightweight mists provide just enough moisture and will not affect your makeup.

Your hair suffers greatly through the winter, especially if it is color-treated or very fine. Even those with naturally beautiful hair find themselves faced with a head of dull, brittle locks that appear flat and lifeless. Glossing treatments and conditioning hair masques are highly effective for adding shine and smoothness in even the coldest climes.

The summer and fall seasons may be behind you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to shine beautifully during the rest of the year. The techniques from this article are only a few of the clever things you can do to winterize your beauty regimen. The coming months are nothing to be afraid of, and you will be ready to shine all throughout the holiday season and well into the springtime.

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