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Extend the Life of Your Manicures and Pedicures with Eight

Posted May 3, 2012 by m0j0admin in Beauty Tips

Extend the Life of Your Manicures and Pedicures with Eight Simple Tips

Giving yourself a home manicure can save you the time, money and expense of going to a salon. However, sometimes a home mani or pedi does not seem to last as long as you would like. Read on for some simple ways to keep your nails and toes looking like you just came from the salon.

1. Always clean your nails and remove any lotion or oil from them before applying any polish. Oils can make it harder for the polish to adhere. The polish may seem to go on fine, but it will chip off very quickly.

2. Always apply a good, strengthening base coat to your nails first. One of the reasons nail polish cracks and chips is the flexing and bending of your nails as you engage in day-to-day activities. Have you ever noticed that your toes seem to stay polished longer than your fingernails? A strengthening top coat keeps the nails from bending as much, which can protect them longer from chips and cracks.

3. When applying polish, it is much better to apply a few thin coats, rather than one thick coat. A thick coat usually traps air bubbles, and it takes much longer to dry. Even if the surface appears dry, the polish remains soft for hours, and you will find marks and other damage on your fresh manicure. Thin coats of nail polish dry much more quickly, so you know that the polish is dry all the way through when you finish.

4. Apply nail polish to your entire nail, including the tip underneath. A lot of wear and tear happens to the tips of your finger nails. If you brush the polish on, over the tip and slightly underneath each nail, it seals the layers of the nail together to protect them, and adds additional strength so that your polish can withstand more wear without chipping.

5. Use a very good quality top coat to finish your manicure and pedicure. A top coat can make all the difference in the amount of time your polish stays on your nails. Even with a nail polish that is not of the best quality, a good top coat adds an additional layer of strength and protects the polish while allowing it to flex instead of crack and chip.

6. Stay away from top coats that promise a quick drying time. These usually end up becoming brittle, which means that they do not flex with your nails as you go through your day. This, in turn, causes cracking and chipping.

7. Keep your nails out of hot water for about 12 hours. Try to do your manicure and pedicure on a weekend morning, and then wait until the evening to shower. The hot water makes your nails swell, and it causes the polish to separate from the nails. Additionally, if your polish is not thoroughly dry, the hot water can soften it and make marks appear or dull the finish of the polish.

8. Add a new layer of your top coat every second day. Nail polish dulls over time, and the top coat will keep it looking shiny and fresh. Additionally, as your polish starts to get tiny cracks, the top coat fills them in so that the polish stays on your nails longer.

Giving yourself a beautiful manicure and pedicure at home is a great way to save money and time. By following the tips above, you can prolong the life of your manicure and pedicure, while keeping it looking fresh. Your friends will think you have a weekly standing date at your local salon!

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