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Geek Chic Glasses

Posted May 1, 2012 by m0j0admin in Fashion & Style

Once upon a time, being told that you’re wearing “nerd glasses” was an insult on the schoolyard worthy of a good argument. Nowadays, nerd glasses have become a style option that most people look highly upon. They’ve been featured in movies, on runways, and even in magazines as a way to get a more intellectual look without sacrificing style.

One of the more popular versions of nerd glasses can be found in the indie, hipster, and alternative crowds. This type of glasses are known for being square, coke-bottle (or black) colored frames similar to those of Buddy Holly. It’s easy to see why they are becoming stylish once more – they are retro, conservative, and edgy all at the same time. These are excellent for people who want to make a bold look bolder, or just add a classic look to anything that they happen to be wearing. Usually paired with jeans, trousers, tees, and sweaters, these nerd glasses are an excellent choice for casual wear.

The other major category of nerd glasses are the super-round glasses that bring nerdy to the next level. These are the kind of glasses that were found in movies such as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, a hit that was recently released. They are delicate, beautiful, and can help bring an incredibly intelligent streak to any outfit. However, finding nerd glasses in this shape can be a lot more difficult than the typical square frames. More often than not, these rare nerd glasses are found in the form of cosplay glasses, which aren’t actually meant for daily wear. Still, it is possible to find this type of nerd glasses for sale with prescription lenses. It just takes a little more work.

Assuming that you aren’t using nerd glasses to dress up as a favorite cartoon or movie character, there are plenty of ways to dress up any outfit with these wonderfully styled glasses. For a very casual look, we suggest pairing it with sweaters, slacks, and a pair of stylish shoes. Nerd glasses are also excellent when you are in the workforce, since it helps you by making you appear intelligent in front of your superiors. In order to get the best balance of nerd with professional, wear a suit in a power color, such as navy blue or black, with your pair of glasses. Remember, just because your glasses are nerdy doesn’t mean you have to be!


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