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Discover the Perfect Hairstyle to Compliment Your Face Shape

Posted April 18, 2012 by m0j0admin in Fashion & Style

There are so many hairstyles to choose from but you only have one face shape to work with. Therefore, put your efforts towards finding styles that compliment your face structure and highlight the qualities of it. Make sure the style you pick also suits your personality! A new hairstyle will not only give you a new look, it may also give you a new outlook! Keep that chin up and that beautiful hair will be ready to show off to the world.

1. To begin the process of finding a hairstyle, you need to first discover the shape of your face. Is it heart shaped? Long and thin? Pronounced cheekbones? Take the time to really look at your face and determine its unique shape. All shapes are beautiful and have hairstyles that compliment them. Hair can also distract away from things you do not like about your face. If you have big ears or a mole you don’t like, you can always find a hairstyle that covers or balances such features. That way, you can put your best face forward and feel more confident in your day to day life. You deserve it!

2. Search online or flip through magazines to discover various hairstyles. Take note of the ones you like. Then search for people who all share the hairstyle you like but have different face shapes. This can give you an idea of how the style will look on you or a friend. Don’t be dismayed if the style doesn’t suit your face. There may be another one that is similar but better suiting to your structure.

3. If your searching brings you to no results, try asking around for help. Maybe your mom, sister or friends have a recommendation for you. Or you can go to a hairstylist and ask their opinion (they are trained to design haircuts for specific looks). Keep your eye out for a style that suits you and your face. If you meet someone with a look you like, ask what it is called and where they got it done. If it is appropriate, take a picture of their hair so you can later show it to your stylist. Also, don’t forget to ask how manageable it is. Remember, each hairstyle has its own assets and limitations. Make sure the one you choose can do all the things you want it to and can be styled in the time-frame you allow yourself for your hair every morning.

4. Once you have picked the hairstyle that you love… JUST DO IT! You will love the feeling of a fresh cut and a new look. Don’t be afraid to do something drastic. Remember, hair can be restyled and it grows back. Next you can explore changing the color of your hair. Find out what colors best suit your complexion!

Remember, a hairstyle can accentuate your greatest features so really take the time to find the right one for you. A hairstyle that suits your own unique face shape can make you look younger and more confident. Go for it!

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